Blair's ComBow Slings TM
The New & Improved
Com Bow Sling

The Com Bow Sling with pouch band with handle and brace in the forks center position
The Com Bow Sling with arrow band, arrow guide and arrow partially drawn

The New & Improved Com Bow Sling with the handle and brace in one of the outer fork positions, with quiver, short arrows with short arrow band with cord. 
The Com Bow Sling with quiver, 3 short arrows, short arrow band with brace and handle in one of the outer fork positions

In addition to the design features on the Index

page these additional features are present.

Small diameter latex tubing is used.  In that

matter the tubing won't flatten when going

around pullies.  The Com Bow Sling uses an

indicator attached to the cap for alignment

purposes.  This model has the fastest feet per

second speeds. Has very little recoil.  The

pouch easily returns to position for your next


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This page was last updated: February 24, 2012
The Com Bow Sling --shown without a band in it with accessories shown with a special handle that incorporates a wrist strap that will roll up and is an aid for those who either can't have braces or prefer a smaller unit.  Shown  are three sizes- The assembled bands are all medium bands- the two bands in the foreground are a light and a heavy.  Also shown is the arrow guide on the left for full length arrows, quiver shown with arrows on the right, and a  quiver without arrows.
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